I recreated the Tambourine game from RHF and added Gura


  • Z - Shake Tambourine
  • X - Hit Tambourine
  • Esc - Return to start screen (for quick retry)

Check out my latest Gura & Kiara rhythm game (Hinotori Rhythm Game)

My twitter @nullrefrepro

Some elements may be out of place when using fullscreen on a non 16:9 monitor

Added a Windows build for download below if for any reason you're having problems getting the WebGL build to play.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(119 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagsgawr, gura, hololive


Gura Tambourine - Windows.zip 22 MB


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There is a frog in my bread!??!?!???


NEAT!!!  I'm quite impressed how intuitive and smooth everything feels ^^



got A


I look cute :3


(1 edit) (+2)

Cute fangame of hololive and rhythm heaven fever!


CUTEEEEE don't care even when I messed up

Good stuff


try number 999999

(1 edit)

can you make control setting? i wan't play with my mouse


You should create whole RHF game based on hololive. This one is pure perfection!

i got a perfect on the second try :D 


In the end I made it, I messed up at the last one like 3 times lol


Hey! Hey!

Tambourine Club! Hey! Hey!

i love this but im shit at remembering what to do

im confused as to what this is but im playing it anyway



the little screech that they make when it's my turn just cracks me up, I just can't even get the notes right because I'm laughing my ass off


when i try to do it while frog in the toast it always says i did it wrong

Maybe not writing in caps will help

But he is not shouting in CAPS, he is shouting in bold.

Is still rude though! >:^/

Ah, true, my mistake, still, kinda rude yeah.

its not rude


awsome game wow


bruh ive been searching for rythm heaven fever forever to play on computer this the closest i can get to it thank you legen


yay ^^


cool dude


I'm suck but the game is wholesome


I suck to

Deleted 328 days ago
(1 edit) (+2)

Perfect play yeah.

The web version is better than the software. Even though I'm on beat, on software version, it still didn't register as on time ;-;


i suck


I hate that I want to keep trying to get a perfect score


Great game! Monke Gura is so cute!

okay but this kinda bussin

you ate the game...?


Incredible, although the fact there's no music on the grade screens really messed with me.

Thank you almighty god

dunno wut to do

i love it. i got perfect first try and she said ah

you should do more like these

how. literally how, I can't even do the first part right


very cute game, hard too :p


so hard XD!


It's LITERALLY impossible to hit the notes. I'm EXACTLY on the beat. If it is actually possible to hit them, at least make it forgiving in the slightest. Please.

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